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Aston Villa is the principle strategic partner of Birmingham Primary Schools' Football Association.

The club provides financial support that contributes to facilities and kit costs, CPD opportunities for young coaches and teachers and access to the club’s training facilities for finals and tournaments.

The partnership provides increased opportunities for Villa Academy staff to scout and coach players from across the city’s seven districts, which covers over 300 primary schools.

Steve Hopcroft - Head of Player Talent ID

Aston Villa Football Club (AVFC) has a long and distinguished history of discovering talented young players and providing them with a platform to play football at the highest level. It goes without saying that of all the players who have graduated through the Youth Academy at AVFC, it is the players that live locally to the club who are the ones that really feel like ‘One of our Own’.


Local players are the ‘HEARTBEAT’ of every professional football club and that is no different at AVFC. As a Club, we are committed to giving opportunities to local youngsters. This has been the message for over 100 years and will continue to be the message for the next 100 years and beyond.


The first step on this journey for every boy or girl dreaming of becoming a footballer is to play football for their school team before representing their district and beyond.


Birmingham Primary Schools’ Football Association (BPSFA) is a perfect place for boys and girls to play and have fun, to make new friends from all social backgrounds, to experience new challenges and to stimulate and maximise their potential for football, the UK’s national sport.


The Academy at AVFC is very proud to be BPSFA’s principal supporter. The next generation of first team footballers both boys/men and girls/women will be identified right here in the playgrounds of schools located across the Midlands and we, AVFC, want to be involved in every step of that journey. Whether it be using our facilities for training or matches, hosting finals at the first team training ground or having our Academy staff regularly watching BPSFA games, Aston Villa is committed to a long and healthy relationship that will benefit all the boys and girls who play schools’ and district football.


Therefore, we encourage you to get involved and give your best every game. Play hard but fair and remember the MOST important thing is to be part of a team and have fun with new friends. Good luck to all the players, parents, teachers and coaches involved in the BPSFA for the season ahead. It promises to be an amazing time for all!


Birmingham Primary Schools' FA's partnership with Aston Villa FC provides all district players with the opportunity to impress recruitment and coaching staff on a weekly basis. Each season, district football provides players with a direct pathway into academy football, either with Aston Villa FA or one of the Midlands other professional teams. 

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Scott Curry, Player Talent ID Project and Development Manager

We are extremely proud to be the principal sponsor of the Birmingham Primary Schools Football Association. 

Aston Villa has a proud history of discovering local young footballers and providing them with an environment which allows them to develop and succeed. The ongoing partnership with BPSFA will further enhance our ability to unearth local future first team footballers for both the men’s and women’s team.

BPSFA have an excellent history of providing opportunities to local boys and girls from all social backgrounds to play football, have fun and make friends.


Amongst other things, Birmingham Primary Schools' FA's partnership with Aston Villa FC provides all district players with access to word class facilities. Brookvale Academy and Bodymoor Heath act as the location for boys' and girls' district fixtures respectively. Without a doubt, district football provides players with access to some of the best grassroots football facilities in the country. 

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