The BPSFA works in unison with both Aston Villa FC and Birmingham City FC. Our city's two professional clubs are fierce supporters of everything that we do and generously contribute towards the annual cost of our inter-district programme.


This support stretches beyond financial means. All boys and girls who play for an academy or RTC are allowed to play schools’ district football. In fact, both clubs actively encourage their primary aged players to play representative football.

Unfortunately for many school associations and districts across Britain, this is not the case. Therefore we are incredibly appreciative of the support we receive from these two local giants. 

BPSFA district football offers a clear pathway into an academy side for all district players. 

Everyone at the BPSFA wish to extend our gratitude to Kristjaan Speakman and Carl McNally at Birmingham City FC and Andy Taylor and Tom Brady at Aston Villa FC, as well as both clubs foundation stage coaches for their ongoing support and trust. 

​Find us: 

Vale Stadium, Castle Vale 

Farnborough Road, Birmingham B35 7LQ