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For most children, primary schools’ district football means a twelve or twenty-four month commitment whilst in year five and six. But why, when they already play for an academy or grassroots team, should they also give up even more of their weekend for the beautiful game?


While both academy football and grassroots football offer countless benefits to those involved, schools’ district football offers something unique. Organised and delivered by school teachers and support staff, district football is the best of the best, playing alongside the best and against the best, while representing their school and wider community.

Schools’ football dates back to the end of the 1800s when social reform brought about the realisation that exercise was good for health. Games first appeared on the curriculum of elementary schools in 1896.


One of the most active areas  in developing school sport was Birmingham, where the local school board arranged for teacher training in physical exercise. In fact, the very first two school football associations established in England were South London Schools’ FA and our very own Aston Schools’ FA. Ever since the end of the 19th Century, schools’ football has been a significant part of Birmingham’s education landscape.

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